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Smalls Sliders Brand Evolution

I was tasked with evolving the brand to make it more fun, eclectic and engaging with a Millenial and Gen Z audience while adhering to key brand components such as the shipping container that the restaurants operate within. Once identifying the brand archetype and began to develop the brand essence, I developed various conceptual content in print and digital applications.


Work: concept, creative and art direction, design/layout, illustration 

Brand Archetype: The Maverick

The Maverick is an independent thinker. Defined by a “don’t fence me in” mentality, the Maverick rejects labels, boxes or any other constraining ideas. Characterized as smart, creative, unconventional and full of piss and vinegar, the Maverick has moxie and nerve, feels that rules are made to be broken and willing to employee disruptive tactics to effect change.

Brand Mantra

We don’t stay in a lane…we are creating our own lane. We have a swagger in our step, we’re changing the game, making up our own rules and doing things as we see fit. Combining different elements, mixing old with new and spitting out something completely new, original and buzzworthy. We may be small, but we have BIG personality.

logo ideation3-01.jpg
logo ideation3-02.jpg
logo ideation3-03.jpg
logo ideation3-04.jpg

New Logo Concepts

Conceptual Menu Boards and POP

Menu Boards1-01.jpg

Style A

Menu Boards4 2-01.jpg

Style B

Uniform/Swag Concepts

tshirt ideas 2-02.png
tshirt ideas 2-01.png
tshirt ideas 2-03.png
tshirt ideas 2-09.png
tshirt ideas 2-04.png
tshirt ideas 2-06.png

Conceptual Social Media Content

social-concept copy.jpg
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