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Hi I'm Ryan. I'm a creative. I've been making things for 35+ years, professionally for about 15. I have a BFA in both commercial and studio arts, I've worked on a wide range of projects, I've dipped my toe in just about every medium under the sun and I've been everything from a production artist to a creative director. I'm also an illustrator and a painter, so while I look at creative through a very visual and artistic lens, I also look at the bigger picture to strategically think about how to tell the best stories. I like building brands and creating experiences. I believe in science and reason, but I equally believe in magic and whimsy. I love connecting and collaborating with new, interesting people from different corners of the globe. I like to think high in the clouds and deep in the cracks, but I try not to spend a terrible amount of time in either, as it can distract from being in the present. I like to inspire and to be inspired; I'm a teacher and I'm a student, and I hope like hell I always stay curious. I get antsy and grumpy when I'm not making something with my hands or figuring out how to make something work. 
At the end of the day, I just want to make cool things that I'm proud of, with cool people that I want to grab a beer with.
Maybe we can make something cool together one day. 

Ryan L. Wagner
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